《伊日藝術計劃 YIRI ARTS 》成立於 2014 年。專注於拓展藝術實踐的可能性,透過展覽研究、出版物、外部策展、市場推動及台灣藝術家世界巡弋計劃,來構築當代藝術做為人類的共享性語言。空間位於臺北內湖,以一棟建於 1980 年、占地 1200 平方米的舊日工業廠房,改造成具有當代實驗性的藝術場域,重組多型態的文化空間。

YIRI ARTS was founded in 2014 in Taipei, Taiwan. With a strong focus on contemporary arts and the intent to champion the spirit of possibility, the gallery regularly presents pioneering exhibitions, off-site projects, publications, provides art consulting, aiming to generate an inclusive shared language around both locally and globally to bring people together. Located in Neihu, Taipei, this same experimental vision leads to a historic 1980s factory, covering 1,200 square meters, being repurposed into the multi-cultural hubs made up of three exhibition spaces.

Since its inception, the gallery has been dedicated to providing early support and exposure to important artists and fresh new talents from Taiwan and abroad, working closely with them to potentially create new bodies of work and significant exhibitions. The principles behind the gallery aim to generate new possibilities of exhibition beyond the physical space of the gallery itself and is geared toward challenging public and personal thoughts on urgent issues related to our nature and the environment with art that will resonate around the world.


伊日藝術計劃 YIRI ARTS

台北市內湖區新明路 86 巷 1 號   (02)2786-3866
Tue. – Sat. 14:00 – 19:00 週日、一休館


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《伊日後樂園 BACK_Y》2022 年成立於臺北內湖,以當代藝術為主軸的藝廊。Back_Y 取自於後花園(Back Yard),其中多樣化的有機體互相串連並隨著時間變化,散發出瞬息萬變的能量感染周遭環境。此刻,什麼樣的藝術正在發生,人們正在想些什麼,而想像又如何進入此場域。BACK-Y 是一條路徑,暗示著時刻有新事物發生的樂園。


BACK-Y was established in 2022 as a contemporary art gallery based in Neihu, Taipei. Its name is taken from the concept of the back yard, a special place where diverse organisms linked one another change over time, emitting pleasant and refreshing energies that infuse the surroundings. At this moment, what art is happening, what are people thinking about, and how does imagination find its way into the gallery. BACK-Y implies a path that leads to a paradise full of life where something new is happening right now.

We seek the most exciting artists in the world, capture the fleeting magical qualities of contemporary art, and use both exhibition and curation as the most immediate response. Committed to conveying the most urgent, desired and important messages in today's art world, we aspire to be the critical cog in the machine that propels contemporary art.


伊日後樂園 BACK_Y

台北市內湖區新明路 66 號 (02)2790-5058
Tue. – Sat. 14:00 – 19:00 週日、一休館